The Buzz

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“This is, without any doubt, the finest automotive magazine I have ever seen. Nicely done!”

- Bret Voelkel, President of RideTech

"It takes a lot to impress us, but we're impressed. Something like your book has truly been needed for a long time, to showcase cars to the level and detail you have done!”

— Phil Gerber, Roadster Shop


"Hands down, this is the greatest car magazine I've ever held in my hands. The look of it, the feel, everything. It's simple, sleek, and bold. I read the first article, and instantly went online to order a subscription, and share it with my friends to tell them they need it in their lives immediately. It's honest-to-goodness that good. I'm completely blown away."

- Samantha M. (Johnson Creek, WI)


"Just had my first issue arrive, and I have to say you nailed it! It's great to see a magazine of such high quality with a diverse range of modified classic cars. The features and photography are exceptional. Automotive porn almost."

- David M. (Launceston, Australia)

"Kickass book, my brothers!"

- Steve Strope, Pure Vision Design

"I want to tell you how incredibly amazing your magazine is. It is, hands down, at the top of the food chain in the car magazine world. You have brought the love of reading and looking through a car magazine back for me. I had lost interest in reading them because they are all so plain and boring, but you have changed all of that. Page after page throughout the entire magazine I was amazed. It's like being a little kid again." 

- Hugo Tinajero, Farrell Creations and Restorations

"You guys killed it!"

- Jesse Greening, Greening Auto Company

"I just spent all evening reading every story in the first issue! You showcase not just the cars, but a great depth of interests. The Miura story was really touching. The Pinkee's story helped out a great guy. I can't say enough kind things about your team's efforts on the premiere issue. As a 40-plus year graphic designer I am seriously impressed with your work." 

- Alan M. (Fredericksburg, TX)

“The level of detail Wheel Hub Magzine brings to the consumer is absolutely world class. If you are a car nerd, it is an absolute must have subscription.

- Rocky Troxell, U.S. 12 Speed & Custom

"I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality, the photography and content. I haven’t put it down since I purchased it yesterday. You’ve got a great coffee table book that’s disguised as a magazine."

- Korry H. (Denver, CO)

"After reading all the press about this magazine, I took a chance and purchased a single issue. To say I am blown away by the overall quality would be an understatement! From the paper itself to the amazing photography to how well-written the stories are. It's all spot on."

- Glen S. (Suffield, CT)

"I just saw the first issue, and it's outstanding! Great concept and it definitely takes the car scene to the next level. Great work guys. I'm excited to see what's in the works."

- Kevin Reynolds, Goodguys Rod & Custom Association

"The previews don't do the actual product justice. Not only have you reinvented the car magazine, you have managed to take cars that have been in the limelight for the past year and make them seem new again. I am looking at them in a different way. Thank you as a reader and a gearhead. Well done!"

- Daniel D. (Wauwatosa, WI)

"The experience of seeing (my uncle's) Miura in print is huge for me. I work as a designer and image editor, and good print is increasingly rare these days. While I appreciate some of the advantages of digital media, to me, nothing will ever compare to print. The added tactile qualities, the smell of the paper. Even the experience of sharing it with others. It is all more enjoyable and rewarding in print. I really appreciate what you guys are attempting with Wheel Hub. Long live print!"

- Bill Nielsen (Portland, OR)

"This is the best magazine on the market!"

- Jeremy Carlson, Avant-Garde Design

"Beautiful layout and outstanding photography in the best professional manner. I really enjoy being able to actually touch superior printed material as opposed to the digital age of presentation. With only a couple of automotive publications left available nowadays that don't fill their pages with jacked up pickup trucks and SUVs, it's refreshing to see the true art of the automobile and its presentation in print. I can hardly wait for the next issue!"

- Dan M. (Santa Maria, CA)